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Bill Frisell - A partial bibliography
[combined with items from*Martin Lane*'s collection]

Bill - good guitar, happy man

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The somewhat self-explanatory Klein Profile: BILL FRISELL by Don Ayers. Everything you might want to know about what, at the time, were Bill's main guitars - and some other stuff, too. The guitars were subsequently sold-on by Bill and now owned by a private collector based in the UK.

Other guitar-related pages:

  • Andersen Stringed Instruments
    Reknowned builder of archtop guitars, flattop guitars and mandolins, Steven Andersen made Bill's "Little Archie" in 1996, as illustrated by Kevin Ellsworth's photo.
  • D'Addario strings
    As endorsed by Bill
  • Yanuziello Stringed Instruments
    At some point around the cusp of 2003/04, Bill came into possession of a Yanuziello spruce-top, hollow bodied electric guitar, as evidenced by Daniel Sheehan
  • Gary Brawer details the set-up on Bill's then newly-acquired 1974 Fender Telecaster in this December 2003 article from Guitar Player
  • For some while now, Bill has been using Tacoma's Papoose "thing" and a baritone guitar, plus, of course, his many Fender Telecasters, as the transcript of this October 2005 conversation details

Not sure how long this will stay around, but as of October 2011, Seattle's Fretboard Journal presents it's Podcast No. 43, featuring a 30 minutes interview with Bill, moments before his departure on a Fall tour of pretty much everywhere.

Jazz on 3 from the BBC has an on-going commitment to broadcast Bill's appearances in the UK; for quite some while the 2005 London Jazz Festival appearance at the Barbican, accompanied by violinist Jenny Scheinmann and lap steel/pedal steel guitarist Greg Leisz (which took the form of a tribute to John Lennon) was available online; it's now one of the download series from songtone.

NPR - "an internationally acclaimed producer and distributor of noncommercial news, talk, and entertainment programming" broadcast highlights of The Intercontinentals' Creators at Carnegie concert, in September 2003; it has also produced this audio profile of Bill, presented by Rick Karr; and "Intersections: 'Bumpin' into a Guitar Legend" - Bill's thoughts on Jazz Maestro Wes Montgomery. On October 19, 2007, Bill appeared on Marian McPartland's Piano Jazz radio show. And on 3 September 2008 (my silver wedding anniversary, fact fans) the trio of Paul Motian, Bill Frisell, Joe Lovano was broadcast "Live At The Village Vanguard".

Radio station KCRW has archived a Real Audio version of Bill's Morning Becomes Eclectic appearance, 8 January 1998.
NB - URL updated Dec 2007

WNYC - New York Public Radio has highlights of the New Sounds Live concert, including new music for silent films by the Bill Frisell Trio [featuring Kenny Wollesen on drums and Tony Scherr on bass] recorded at the World Financial Center's Winter Garden, as part of the 2004 New York Guitar Festival. Other pieces have been presented in a subsequent broadcast.

Hear also these NY Guitar Festival Marathon 2002 performance by Bill Frisell and Greg Leisz:

  • Hard Times Come Again No More/That Was Then
  • Keep Your Eyes Open/What's Goin' On/Baba Drame

  • Bill Frisell
    The Guitar Artistry of Bill Frisell, Rittor Music/Warner Bros 1996

    Bill Frisell - guitar
    Kermit Driscoll - bass
    Joey Baron - drums

    This video is arranged in six "chapters", each segment dealing with different aspects of Bill's personalised approach to harmony, rhythm, use of effects (delays, looping etc) and so on. An accompanying booklet contains exercises, and transcripts for the songs included on the tape:

    • When We Go
    • Strange Meeting
    • Rag
    • The Days of Wine and Roses

    Martin Lane's Bill Frisell Transcriptions

    Available as PDF files, Martin has transcribed a number of Bill's solos over tunes featured on the following recordings:

    • On Broadway, Volume One
    • On Broadway, Volume Two
    • On Broadway, Volume Three
    • Monk In Motian
    • Bill Evans JMT

    Marvellous piece of work, well worth a viewing. Requires Adobe Acrobat v.6

      Bill Frisell's quartet appeared at the 1996 North Sea Jazz Festival. This typical example of the band's haunting sound features Bill Frisell on guitar, with Curtis Fowlkes (trombone), Ron Miles (trumpet) and Eyvind Kang (violin).

    Other records from the last few years featuring Bill Frisell and not included elsewhere (with input and promptings from Martin Lane):

    Arild Andersen
    Molde Concert, ECM 2000

    Bill Frisell - guitar
    John Taylor - piano
    Arild Andersen - double-bass
    Alphonse Mouzon - drums

    A live concert recorded at the 1981 Molde Jazz Festival, this CD reissue "adds more than 20 minutes of previously unreleased material" and restotes "the original dramaturgy of the performance".

    Joey Baron
    We'll soon find out, Intuition 1999

    Joey Baron - drums
    Arthur Blythe - alto saxophone
    Ron Carter - bass
    Bill Frisell - guitar

    Joey Baron
    Down Home, Intuition 1997

    Joey Baron - drums
    Arthur Blythe - alto saxophone
    Ron Carter - bass
    Bill Frisell - guitar

    Don Byron
    Romance with the Unseen, Emd/Blue Note 1999

    Don Byron - clarinet
    Bill Frisell - guitar
    Jack DeJohnette - drums
    Drew Gress - bass

    Vinicius Cantuaria
    Vinicius, TransparentMusic 2001

    Bill appears on three tracks: Ele e Carioac, Quase Choro and Nova de Sete, credited as:
    Bill Frisell - guitar
    along with:

    Vinicius Cantuaria - vocals, guitars, percussion, keyboards
    et al

    Vinicius Cantuaria
    Tucuma, Verve 1999

    Bill is one of the many musicians guesting on this excellent record. He appears on two tracks: Amor Brasileiro and Tucuma
    The line-ups include:
    Bill Frisell - electric guitar
    Vinicius Cantuaria - vocal, acoustic guitar, percussion
    Joey Baron - drums
    et al

    Ron Carter Sextet
    Orfeu, Blue Note 1999

    Ron Carter - bass
    Houston Person - tenor sax
    Bill Frisell - guitar
    Stephen Scott - piano
    Payton Crossley - drums
    Steve Kroon - percussion

    Crazy Backwards Alphabet
    Crazy Backwards Alphabet, SST 1987

    Bill is one of the innumerable musicians guesting on this Henry Kaiser record. According to Artur Novak, his one appearance is on track 16: The Same Thing [only available on the CD version from the mid-90's]
    The line-up is
    Bill Frisell - guitar
    Henry Kaiser - guitar
    Michael Maksymenko - drums

    J.A. Deane
    These Times, Zerx Records 2000

    Recorded Live at The Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston, MA - 5th October 1988
    J.A. Deane - trombone/electronics, multiple drum machines
    Bill Frisell - electric guitar
    Terry Rolleri - electric guitars

    Robben Ford
    Blues Connotation, ITMP 1996

    Bill appears on five of the eight tracks: my thanks to Bryan Aaker for letting me know about this one
    Robben Ford - guitar
    Ralph Towner - synth
    Julian Prister - trombone
    Bill Frisell - guitar
    Kenny Garrett - alto saxophone
    Charlie Haden, Anthony Cox - bass
    Jerry Granelli - drums, synth

    Bill Frisell
    The Sweetest Punch - The new songs of Elvis Costello & Burt Bacharach, arranged by Bill Frisell, Decca 1999

    Brian Blade - drums and percussion
    Don Byron - clarinet, bass clarinet
    Billy Drewes - alto saxophone
    Curtis Fowlkes - trombone
    Bill Frisell - electric and acoustic guitars
    Viktor Krauss - bass
    Ron Miles - trumpet
    Elvis Costello and Cassandra Wilson - special guest vocals

    Jim Hall
    Dialogues, Telarc 1995

    Bill appears on the first two tracks: `Frisell Frazzle'; and `Simple Things', with:
    Jim Hall - guitar
    Bill Frisell - guitar
    Scott Colley - bass
    Andy Watson - drums

    Fred Hersch and Bill Frisell
    Songs We Know, Nonesuch 1998

    Fred Hersch - piano
    Bill Frisell - guitars

    Robin Holcomb
    The Big Time, Nonesuch 2002

    Robin Holcomb - vocals, piano
    Tim Young, - acoustic & electric guitars
    Bill Frisell - acoustic & electric guitars
    Danny Barnes - electric guitar, banjo, background vocals
    Eyvind Kang - viola
    Doug Wieselman - clarinet, tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone
    Dave Carter - trumpet
    Steve Moore - trombone
    Wayne Horvitz - Hammond B-3 organ
    Keith Lowe - acoustic & electric basses
    Andy Roth - drums
    Tucker Martine - tambourine
    Kate McGarrigle, Anna McGarrigle, Julie Wolf - background vocals

    Norah Jones
    Come Away With Me
    , Parlophone 2002

    Bill plays on track 13 `The Long Day Is Over', credited as
    Bill Frisell - guitar

    Living Daylights
    electric rosary, LiquidCity 2000

    Jessica Lurie - saxophones, flutes
    Arne Livingston - basses
    Dale Fanning - drums, percussion

    Bill Frisell - electric guitar on tracks 1, 5, 6, & 8

    Ashley Maher
    hi, Virgin 1990

    Bill plays on track 5 `tick tock', credited as
    Bill Frisell - solo guitar

    Mike Metheny
    Blue Jay Sessions, Headfirst Records 1981

    Mike Metheny - flugelhorn
    Dick Odgren - acoustic & electric piano
    Rufus Reid - acoustic bass
    Bill Frisell - electric guitar
    Jim Odgren - alto saxophone (on Games)
    John Riley - drums
    as told to me by Marc Morvan, April 2000

    Ron Miles
    Woman's Day, Gramavision 1997

    Ron Miles - trumpet
    Bill Frisell - guitar
    Artie Moore - bass
    Rudy Royston - drums
    Todd Ayers - guitar
    Kent McLagen - bass
    Mark Harris - bass clarinet
    Eric Gunnison - piano

    Paul Motian Trio
    trio i sm, JMT 1994

    Paul Motian - drums
    Joe Lovano - tenor saxophone
    Bill Frisell - guitar
    Dewey Redman - tenor sax

    Paul Motian Trio
    At the Village Vanguard, JMT 1995

    Paul Motian - drums
    Joe Lovano - tenor saxophone
    Bill Frisell - guitar & guitar synthesizer

    Paul Motian Trio
    Sound Of Love, Winter & Winter 1997

    Paul Motian - drums
    Joe Lovano - tenor saxophone
    Bill Frisell - electric guitar

    Paul Motian
    The Windmills of Your Mind, Winter & Winter 2011

    Paul Motian - drums
    Bill Frisell - electric guitar
    Petra Haden - vocals
    Thomas Morgan - bass

    Karen Pernick
    Apartment 12, Shanachie 1996

    Bill appears on two songs: `love's a house' and `salty stones'
    Karen Pernick - guitar, vocals
    David Keenan - electric guitar, banjo
    Bill Frisell - electric guitar
    Dan Tyak - pedal dobro, pedal steel
    Eyvind Kang - violin
    Jami Sieber - electric cello, background vocals
    Wayne Horvitz - Hammond B3, piano
    Jeff Leonard - bass
    Andy Roth - drums
    John Bush - percussion
    Robin Holcomb, Laura Love, Julie Wolf - background vocals

    Holly Palmer
    Holly Palmer, Warners/Reprise 1996

    Bill appears on two songs: `five little birds' and `oxblood 2x4s'
    Holly Palmer - vocals
    and about 15 others including:
    Bill Frisell - electric guitar

    Kelly Joe Phelps
    Slingshot Professionals, Rykodisc 2003

    Bill appears on two songs: `Not so far to go' and `Cardboard box of batteries'
    Kelly Joe Phelps - vocals, acoustic guitar
    and a bunch of fine folk, including:
    Bill Frisell - electric guitar, loop

    Hank Roberts
    Black Pastels, Winter & Winter 2002 [originally JMT 1988]

    Ray Anderson - Trombone
    Tim Berne - Sax (Alto)
    Mark Dresser - Bass
    Robin Eubanks - Trombone
    Hank Roberts - Fiddle, Cello, Guitar (Bass), Vocals
    Joey Baron - Percussion, Drums
    Bill Frisell - Banjo, Guitar, Guitar (12 String)

    David Sanborn
    Inside, Warners/Reprise 1996

    Bill appears on one song: `aint no sunshine'
    David Sanborn - alto sax
    Bill Frisell - electric guitar
    and who knows how many others others, including:
    Sting - vocals

    The Mathilde Santing Ensemble
    Out of this dream, Megadisc(?) 1987

    Mathilde Santing - vocals
    Bill Frisell - guitar [tracks 1-3-4-5-6-7-8-10-11-12]
    Rolf Hermsen - guitar
    Fernando Saunders and Simon Planting - bass
    Peter Meuris - keyboards
    Michael Vatcher - percussion
    Sebastiaan Koolhoven - Michael Moore - Greg Moore - Sharon Freeman - et al on miscellaneous percussion, woodwinds, horns etc.

    My thanks to Hans van de Waterwater for infoming me of this, which includes two tracks arranged by Bill:
    Todd Rundgren's Love of the common man; and Tom Waits' Broken bicycles
    There is also a related out-takes release called Out Of This Dream: A Third Side, on which Bill reputedly appears.

    Douglas September
    Ten Bulls, Samson 1998

    Douglas September - vocals
    Bill Frisell - guitar
    Wayne Horvitz - keyboards
    Michael Rhodes - bass
    Michael Shrieve - drums & percussion
    David Torn - long distance loops and textures [5 tracks]

    Sarah Siskind
    Covered, Infrasound Collective 2002

    Bill plays on most of this CD, particularly the closing instrumental [Lonesome Prospect] with Sarah's father on violin
    Bill Frisell - electric and papoose guitars

    Triode, Baba Records 1978-79?

    Bill Frisell - guitar
    Kermit Driscoll - bass
    Vinnie Johnson - drums
    Somewhat obscure and 3rd hand from Craig Bishop via Martin Lane.
    A Belgian lp, released as #BR001j (and possibly not called Triode, which is the name of the group, I think, and quite possibly Bill's earliest appearance on record.

    Burt Bacharach: Great Jewish Music,Tzadik 1997 (2 cd set)

    Bill Frisell - guitar: What The World Needs Now Is Love

    Guitarmusic, JMT 1995

    Track 9 - Don't Explain, performed by
    Paul Motian - drums
    Bill Frisell - guitar
    Joe Lovano - tenor saxophone
    "Previously Not Released", recorded at the same sessionsas Paul Motian Trio, At the Village Vanguard, JMT 1995

    Kenny Wheeler
    Angel Song, ECM 1997

    Kenny Wheeler - trumpet, flugelhorn
    Lee Konitz - alto saxophone
    Bill Frisell - guitar
    Dave Holland - double-bass

    Michael White
    Motion Pictures, Intuition 1997

    Michael White - violin
    Bill Frisell - guitar

    Kenny Wheeler
    Angel Song, ECM 1997

    Kenny Wheeler - trumpet, flugelhorn
    Lee Konitz - alto saxophone
    Bill Frisell - guitar
    Dave Holland - double-bass

    John Zorn
    Masada Guitars, Tzadik 2003

    Bill Frisell - guitar (tracks 1,4,7,10,14,17,20)
    Marc Ribot - guitar (tracks 3,6,9,12,13,16,18,19,21)
    Tim Sparks - guitar (tracks 2,5,8,11,15)

    most recently revised 24-vi-13

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