welcome to these further aspects of a patch-work, quilled by David Cooper Orton:
dco & guitar, August 1990

Being my contribution...

...to the global garage clearance culture that may (or may not) be the Internet...

Don't mind me - just making it up, same as as usual

dco & guitar 1996

As might be expected, much of what follows takes the form of wilfull self agrandisement, plus pointers to places you may decide you do not want to visit...

But, hey - enough about you, these are les feuilles d'ortones, and so...

By day, I'm a mild mannered senior library assistant and one-time information scientist (right - as if there's any other kind) but in my spare time, as you may have spotted, I play the guitar, the results of which sound almost, but not exactly unlike some of my favourite players, including  Peter Green,  David Torn,  Bill Frisell  and  Pat Metheny.

For unbiased critical appraisal, check Guitar Player May 1991, the magazine which, on a previous occasion characterised my playing as being "lyrical and groovacious" [which I've always assumed is a "good thing"] - whilst Time Out suggested that I combine a Frisell-like twang with `minimalist delicacy'.

To these can be added the luke-warm enthusiasm of Sound on Sound's "demo doctor" who suggests that my music provides `...a good ambient late night listen' [October 1998, page 262].

Should you find you have an irresistible need to contact me, then I'll be tickled to hear from you.
Conversely, for answers to all your serious information needs, why not try my former place of employment, the British Library, and its invaluable Research Service.

For few glorious years, I was the Assistant Editor of the Library's publication, the Innovation Policy Review newsletter, to which I contributed an over-view of the latest Internet News for each issue.

If you need to know more about the art of online searching, I...um... wrote the book - well, edited it, then...

Currently I work in one of the Welsh capital's many academic libraries which looked rather like this before we moved to a new building.

cobbled together by, and copyright of: david cooper orton. last reworked 29-viii-18