a patch-work, quilled by David Cooper Orton, being:
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A variety of my MP3 files can be auditioned throughout the World Wide Web:

As mentioned elsewhere in these pages, early in 1998 I was the UK Runner-Up in the Q-UP Arts/Keyfax One World Song Contest, and this is a version of my entry, Near Anagram Enigma Syndrome.

This is somewhat a-typical of my work to date, as it includes percussion samples (and there are also some whisps from David Torn's Tonal Textures CD nestling in the background)

Two collections are avaialble on CD-R:

  • asides beside the seaside [2004]
  • the comfort of strange airs [1997]

For more details, please contact me.

How was all this generated?
Originally, I hooked-up all my equipment to a domestic cassette recorder (AKAI), and just "improvised" for as long as the tape lasted.

The cassettes' contents were then edited down onto DAT, before being duplicated by RMS, South Norwood.

These days, its a similar concept, only now I use a Sharp mini-disc recorder, and make extensive use of Sonic Foundy's ACID Pro 2 and ACID pH1 software, amongst other pxs.

The main facilitators for all this are two Lexicon JamMan(s), which each enable looping for up to 8 seconds, and the Line 6 DL4 delay modeler which loops for even longer still. There's also a Zoom 708 delay in the background on some things.

Whilst it may not appear so, everything here was generated initially by a guitar, using an e-bow to do what it does so well, and enhanced by a variety of effects accumulated over the last 30+ years.

There are some obvious influences at work here, I'm only too well aware.

These include   David Torn,   Peter Green,   Pat Metheny,  Michael Brook,  Bill Frisell  and  Brian Eno (all of whom should remain blameless).

For more information about equipment, techniques and many other loopists around the globe, visit the impressive Looper's Delight resource

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